3 Best Vitamins for Baby Boomers

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Daily multi-vitamins- Daily multi-vitamins help fill in the nutrient gaps you may be missing in your normal diet. As we age, our bodies have more difficulty absorbing nutrients from our foods.  Nutrient needs vary by age, gender and life stages, so consult your physician for the best multi-vitamin for YOU! 

Vitamin B12- This vitamin helps with metabolism, red blood cell formation, neurological function and DNA synthesis! Deficiency of vitamin B12 can cause anemia, fatigue, weakness, and peripheral neuropathy.  Many older adults have trouble absorbing vitamin B12 directly from their diets so supplements can be very helpful. 

Vitamin D- You may think that because it is the middle of summer and you’re spending lots of time in the sun that your vitamin D levels are where they should be.  However, most Americans are not getting enough! When taking supplements of vitamin D, look for D-3 which is better absorbed and utilized than D-2.