3 Easy Ways to Spruce Up Your House

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We live in a beautiful region of NJ. The positive is that we can all drive less than 10 minutes and get to the grocery store, dry-cleaners, or gas station. Yet in South Jersey we have salt air, dirt, and soot from cars and power plants floating around. This dirt collects on your gutters and siding leading to a dull and dirty house.
A remedy to this is power-washing twice a year. Power-washing removes any mold, mildew and forever present spider webs leaving you with a warm and inviting looking house.

Another economical project that customers frequently request is painting the trim around the windows and doors. While this may not be the case for all houses, a lot of times these areas tend to fade or peel long before the siding shows any fading. You may not even notice the fading but you will immediately notice the crisp clean trim after painting it.

And third, trimming your bushes and shrubs will spruce up any house. Whether you have one or twenty hedges, trimming the excess growth will leave your yard looking clean and crisp.