Frequently Asked Questions

Who will be coming out to do the work?

Most often, the work or services you may need completed will be performed by Home and Healthy. In other cases, Home and Healthy will organize and coordinate with specialized contractors that we know will do a good job.

Are you expensive?

You will find our prices are quite reasonable. Yet beyond that, Home and Healthy’s trustworthiness and reliability is priceless.

Do you perform only handyman services?

No. Home and Healthy does many things that a handyman would do, but also much more. For instance, a handyman would not offer house cleaning or advise and assist in the hiring of a home health aid. Home and Healthy does all that and more.

Do I really need help at home?

You may not feel that it is necessary, but we know that all our customers are very grateful for their homes staying well maintained without all the hard work. Home and Healthy can help you remain independent in the home you love.

Can Home and Healthy help me care for my aging parents?

Yes. We would be honored to help you care for your parents in whatever capacity you and your parents determine necessary. At times, children are often the first to notice that mom and/or dad need things done but are not able to do it themselves. We are happy provide you and your parents some relief around the house.

How do you charge?

We provide quotes for larger jobs and an hourly rate for smaller jobs. We also offer a full service monthly package plan that provides a set amount of services gets completed each month.