Holiday Survival Tips for Caregivers

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A recent article published by sheds light onto some aspects of the holiday season that are important for caregivers to remember.  The holidays can be a stressful time of the year with events, schedules and family gatherings all on their own.  Throw in the added responsibility of caring for an elderly family member, and you might just reach your limit! We want to help you enjoy your holiday season and make it a memorable and joyful one for you and those in your care!  

  1. Host a potluck instead of preparing it all yourself.
  2. Ask for assistance- whether with your own plans or those for whom you are caring. It’s okay to need help. 
  3. Let gifts contribute to caregiving: Gifts can be practical such as frozen foods, gift certificates or even an afternoon of running errands for those in your care!
  4. Make new traditions if your situation prohibits the old  ones! Including the one you care for in those new traditions is a fun way to keep everyone involved!  

We can probably list many more survival tips, but most importantly, we want you to take a quiet moment for yourself and think of everything for which you can be thankful.  No matter how stressful our lives and seasons may get, taking time to reflect on our blessings will give us immeasurable joy. Joy that is easily spread to others this Christmas season!