Too Early To Think About Gardening?

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It is never too early to start planning your garden! Thinking about the colors and layout this winter will be sure to cheer you up and lift your spirits while we still battle through these cold months! So, to better help you plan the perfect garden full of joy and color here are a few flower tips that are sure to make your garden pop!

Give your garden some color to last this summer. Water can be hard to come by in June, July and August and can leave our gardens looking wilted and colorless. Let’s enhance out summer color this year by planting these flowers that can handle those hot and dry days. 

Impatiences- Also known as the “Busy Lizzie” these bedding flowers flourish in part-shade. They come in many varieties of red, white, pink and purple and will add a little pop of color to your garden. 

Geraniums- Geraniums love hot weather and can withstand dry conditions all too common to the mid-summer months. They grow best in full slight with adequate water. 

Shasta Daisy- Get the beautiful and traditional look of the daisy all summer long with this easy to grow easy to maintain summer loving shasta daisy. They do well in both full sun and partial shade so they are a perfect fit for any garden. 

Gladiolus- These beautiful shoots come in almost every color. From bright and bold they can also be found in soft pastel colors. They look as good in a vase as they do in the garden!