Useful Computer Programs and Tips for Seniors

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In just 30 years, computers have gone from the size of a whole room (1975) to the size of 3×5 note card (2015). With all that change, it can be frustrating to try and keep up. Yet here are the top safe programs that we think can be useful for you.

Skype – is a free program that allows you to talk to anyone with internet and a computer around the world. This program allows you to video talk and/or chat (typed conversation) with your kids, grandkids, and friends. All you need is a computer and the internet. A web camera is also helpful but not necessary. Go to to safely download the free software.

Print Shop – is a program that allows you to make your own thank-you cards, photo collages, and lots more! This program is a fun way to make personalized cards/pictures for your friends and family. While this program is not free, it’s an easy way to be creative on the computer. Go to for a safe way to purchase the software.

iTunes – is a program that organizes your music on your computer. It also allows you to purchase new music and rent digital versions of movies from the iTunes store. You can also put the music from your CD’s on this program by uploading them. Go to and select iTunes on the top bar to download this free program safely.

Some quick tips:

First, maintain the integrity and speed of your machine by removing viruses and malware. A free program called AVG is an antivirus scan that runs weekly to remove viruses.

Secondly, never give away more information than necessary when shopping on-line or registering for an offer or product. Always use trusted sites and companies in all your dealings.

Lastly, sit down with a friend or family member and have them walk you through different websites and the different programs you will most often need to know.

If these programs befuddle you, don’t be concerned. The classic pen, paper and postal carrier can still accomplish most anything and keep you in touch with friends and family!