What Social Workers Can Do For You!

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Hello everyone! My name is Jamie Rudy and I am a NJ Certified Social Worker at Seashore Gardens Living Center. Home and Healthy asked me to  tell you a little about  what social workers can do for seniors and what services are available to help them remain comfortable at home. 

The general population does not really understand what social workers do. In the past, most people associated social workers with NJ Department of Youth and Family Services (now called Department of Child Protection and Permanency). But social workers operate in a much wider spectrum of service delivery. 

Social work is a helping profession.

We operate under a specific code of ethics and are expected to treat clients with the utmost respect and dignity. 

Social workers believe that the client is the expert in their own life and should be treated as such. We work as case managers and program specialists for seniors. What that entails, is everything from coordinating day programs, helping manage health care (ie. medication, doctor visits, social supports etc), to helping connect eligible seniors to services at home.  For example, seniors on Medicaid – or those who have Hospice or home health care – can be assigned a case manager (social worker) to help ensure that they are getting the most out of their services. At times, beneficial Care Plan adjustments can be recommended. To sum all that up, our aim is to promote the self determination of our clients and provide equal opportunities and services to all, no matter their socio-economic status.

If a social worker is someone you or a friend may be interested in connecting with, here are a few agencies to contact :

Right at Home is an in-home Care & Assistance program for seniors. Carolyn Peterson is the Community Liaison. Her office is located in Linwood, NJ. Contact her at 609-788-8236. 

I Choose Home NJ is a state housing program that offers in-home low cost services to eligible seniors. Call 1-855-HOME-005 for more information.

Ocean Home Health, Patterson Medicaland Acclaimed Healthcare are home care equipment specialists that provide any and all medical equipment you might need at home such as oxygen, walkers, wheelchairs etc.. They vary in cost depending on your insurance coverage. 

Ocean Home Health – 1-800-523-1300 

Patterson Medical – 1-800-323-5547

Acclaimed Healthcare – 1-855-886-6559

I hope this has provided you with some helpful information about my profession and how we can help you stay in your home!