Is This The Year You Plant a Garden?

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Gardening is so very healthy for us! You get to enjoy healthy, organic, fresh produce or some pretty flowers and plants. You also get exercise, sunshine, fresh air, and a satisfying sense of accomplishment and purpose that is good for the mind! Sure, it takes a bit of work – but most things worthwhile in life do. We’d like to give you some hints on how to keep things small and manageable.
Consider starting some seeds inside. Not only will doing so allow you to harvest your vegetables 4 – 6 weeks earlier, you can get a portion of the growing process done at table height.
Think about using medium sized, lightweight containers instead of planting directly in your yard. This allows you to grow on patios, or sturdy table tops and will save you from a good deal of bending.
Don’t forget good soil! Healthy plants begin in healthy soil. Shoprite typically has potting soil on sale this time of year. If you want to give your garden an extra boost, pick up some Osmocote fertilizer from your local garden store to sprinkle directly around the base of your plants!
And keep in mind, you don’t have to make gardening a huge undertaking. You can always expand next year.
Some of our own favorite garden staples include tomatoes, strawberries, daisies, zinnias, begonias, and geraniums! These provide bold flavors and bright colors! Try planting some herbs – like parsley, basil, or rosemary in amongst the plants. And walah you’re the Julia Child of gardening.