Bathroom Safety

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Whether you are young or old, a trip to the emergency room is never something any of us want to deal with. I’m sure that all of us have had to make the trek to our local ER at an inconvenient hour for ourselves or a loved one. I am grateful for their 24/7 service, but I’m never too pleased to have to go. 

What can one do to avoid these hazards ? Clearly, avoiding the bathroom or shower, is not the solution.
You may have read in a previous issue about the classes I took by the National Home Builders Association on how to safely age in your home. One subject we spent several hours learning about was bathroom safety. We covered the options available on the market for handrails and other supports. We also discussed where they should be positioned based on national regulations and convenience. 

Therefore, if no one enjoys a visit to the ER, what causes some of these visits? According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, every year 235,000  visits to the ER are from injuries suffered in . . .  you guessed it  . . . the bathroom. They also found that 1/3 of these happen in the shower.

Bathroom / shower handrails are important to have. One  minor slip can cause a lot of headache that could have been avoided. 

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Written by: Adam Hadley, CHHA